About Us

Oceanic Palms got landscaping off the ground in the late 1980’s in New Zealand and made palm landscaping with exotic species the current fashion. The senior landscape designer at the time, Ted Smyth bought a large expensive cycad from us giving us significant and much-appreciated support but said “Don’t start palm transplanting, you’ll never make any money at it.” In a couple of years palms were the fashion statement and with other exotic species supplied by us formed a major part of the Landscape of the Year.

Palms are one of the most interesting and diverse plant families on the planet, with 3,000 currently known species. Their range of colours and forms have created an unmatched level of fashion. Cycads started out over a hundred millions of years ago, before the appearance of the earliest flowering plants and palms appeared over 65 million years ago, during the time of the dinosaurs.

Nikau palms were for many years widely considered impossible to transplant. We transplanted mature nikau in the early 1990’s. In 2000 our initiative and the participation of some enlightened members of the city council, like Simon Cook the arborist, got nikau used in public landscaping. The first plantings were on Karangahape Rd – the Kermadec nikau specimens outside St Kevin’s Arcade and the South Taranaki palms near the motorway overbridge. We proved that nikau can be shifted from any area of the country into an urban environment. This was followed by Vector Arena and Queen St.

We now have the best selection of mature palms in the country, almost all of them established in containers and ready to plant. These include many uncommon species which will probably never be commercially available in large sizes, and large nikau.

We are open by appointment only. Because we handle only mature specimens including mainly uncommon and slower-growing species, our prices start at around $3,000. Prices include GST.