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History of palm imports into New Zealand.

The white man was not the first to introduce exotic plants to New Zealand; the Maori brought food plants and probably others when he came from tropical Polynesia. Quite likely he brought coconuts.


Exotic palms were well established here long before they came into fashion in the 1990’s. Most were originally brought as seed by sailors […]

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Butia Disaster

Further to the discussion on pests and diseases at the April Palm and Cycad Society of New Zealand meeting … Five mature Butias that I shifted three years ago started producing shorter mis-shapen fronds which didn’t open out. Many were ‘accordion-pleated’ as well. It looked abysmal, and was getting worse every month.

Someone said it was […]

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A Wobble in her Wake.

Some people say it is hard to shift nikaus. Other people say that’s all rubbish and they’re no problem. A lot have been tried and I’ve seen, and heard of, a good number that didn’t make it. But not all. In Mission Bay there are a couple at the intersection, beneath the clock, that I […]

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