A modern office/factory landscape with three very hardy species of fan palm. On the left a very hardy dwarf form of the European fan palm in a South Island granite pebble garden. In front three specimens of Livistona chinensis, a brilliant slow-growing palm with drooping leaflets. A mature specimen can be seen growing in Auckland University Gardens.
The large open-plan office looks out on two parking areas which are now screened with interesting native shrubs in a variety of subtle colours and textures.
The third species of fan palm – two very large clumps of Japanese fan palm.
A factory landscaped with three species of fan palms including the Japanese fan palm, Sabal palmetto and Livistona decipiens.
Tropical environment created at moderate cost with Archontophoenix alexandrae.
Two 100-yr-old Kermadec nikaus add an element of style to this commercial refurbishment.
We have provided extremely high quality plants in pots for two of Auckland’s top restaurants.
NZ Cranes Ltd - a native landscape featuring southern nikaus, kauris and shrubs with subtle colours and textures
Austere native landscape complementing the building qualities with kauris and cabbage trees defining the outdoor recreational area.