Exotic Palms.

The thousands of different palm species worldwide have an exotic appeal and diversity that makes them a valuable part of any landscape. Oceanic Palms has the largest selection of mature palms in the country. The variety of palms available can provide a stimulating and interesting part of a landscape. Many feature unusual colouring with shades of silver, blue or black in the foliage and brightly coloured seed or stems.

Some palms have a very stylized, architectural quality with recurved fronds or light grey or white trunks. The more mature palms we have can have a significant effect on a landscape without your having to wait twenty years or more.

With the palm species available in New Zealand we specialize in the best, most interesting species and have classified them into four groups: shade and semi-shade loving; best in a sheltered spot; moderately hardy; and very hardy and semi-coastal.

Arenga micrantha

A larger-growing clumping species with some reddish colouring in the new foliage and attractive coarse black fibres around the base.

Caryota Ochlandra

Faster-growing fishtail, unusual flowering habit. About 5m high.

Chamaedorea Woodsoniana

A striking small shade-loving palm from Central America.

Chamaedorea Costaricana

From the Caribbean, an outstanding sun-hardy clumping palm with slender stems, growing to about 4m height.

Geonoma undata

Outstanding medium-small palm with velvety fronds and irregularly grouped leaflets.

Butia Capitata

Slow-growing, distinctive silvery-blue-foliaged palm.

Arenga Engleri

Slow-growing clumping palm from SE Asia which does not come up on a trunk, staying at moderate overall height.

Hedyscepe canterburyana

The immaculate palm from high altitude on Lord Howe Island with its unmistakeable silhouette.

Livistona chinensis

The Chinese fountain palm, with a large dense crown of tidy fans whose tips hang down in a spectacular weeping effect.

Dypsis Baronii

Clumping stems up to 125mm thick, lush foliage.

Hawaiian lo’ulu palm

Pritchardias A family of very attractive fan palms from Hawaii, surprisingly quite hardy in New Zealand, though best with some shelter.

Senegal Date Palm


A large-growing clumping palm whose stems when mature lean away from each other with very pleasing effect.

Dwarf Date – Potted specimens

Roebelini in big pots make very handsome specimens.

Triple-planted Kentia

The classic Kentia, multi-planted for big, graceful effect.

Ravenea glauca

Outstanding smaller palm with strong silvery tones.

Prestoea acuminata

Small colourful clumping palm from the South American rainforest.

Dypsis Decipiens

A truly memorable large palm from Madagascar.


Chambeyronia. Striking medium sized palm with bright red new fronds.

Brahea Edulis

Guadalupe Palm, a very handsome robust fan palm.

Brahea armata

Medium-sized fan palm from Mexico with intense blue-silver colour.

Tall Kentias

The classic lofty Kentia.