We spend a lot of time moving our mature palms around in a landscape until we achieveĀ a balanced and unpredictable relationship between them and with reference to the surrounding buildings and spaces.

The council approached us to supply Queen palms to the Karangahape Rd refurbishment. We suggested nikau, though they were widely considered not transplantable. Uniquely in the CBD, these are in open ground, not closed planting pits. The arrangement was done at a slightly irregular spacing to help bring out the individual characters of the palms.

Auckland is the only city in the world with mature nikau in its streets, which we think is a big deal. There are some issues yet to be sorted out with the conditions of planting for the Queen St palms, which is not in our hands.

The Vector palms are from Taranaki; there were originally to be 13, but the budget was cut back. They are arranged short-tall-short-tall-short. We continue to maintain them.

Owners of commercial properties generally go for the minimum landscaping required by Council, however by making these places more attractive, visitors get a better impression and the morale of workers is improved.

We are continually landscaping client’s residential properties adding beautiful specimens