Twenty year old Kermadec nikaus.
Clumps of Strelitzia nicolai, an unusual, long-lived species seen in Sydney Botanical Gardens and Albert Park. They have distinctive cream and purple flowers for about four months.
Dracaena draco. About fifty years old. A pair of these unique plants that you can walk under.
Potted Cycas taitungensis and revoluta.
A view through palm trunks provides a sense of the presence of nature.
One of a large number of potted palms, cycads and aloes on display.
These large dramatic clumps of Japanese fan palms were supplied to a commercial development.
A better form of NZ nikau, with a Majestic palm in the background.
Caryota ochlandra, a quick-growing unique species of fishtail palm. It looks better in a fairly sheltered environment.
The variety of indoor and outdoor potted plants is only available in connection with large landscaping specimens.
Mature aloes are available in conjunction with other mature specimens.