Exotic Palms

Arenga micrantha

A larger-growing clumping species with some reddish colouring in the new foliage and attractive coarse black fibres around the base.

Caryota Ochlandra

Faster-growing fishtail, unusual flowering habit. About 5m high.

Chamaedorea Woodsoniana

A striking small shade-loving palm from Central America.

Chamaedorea Costaricana

From the Caribbean, an outstanding sun-hardy clumping palm with slender stems, growing to about 4m height.

Geonoma undata

Outstanding medium-small palm with velvety fronds and irregularly grouped leaflets.

Butia Capitata

Slow-growing, distinctive silvery-blue-foliaged palm.

Arenga Engleri

Slow-growing clumping palm from SE Asia which does not come up on a trunk, staying at moderate overall height.

Hedyscepe canterburyana

The immaculate palm from high altitude on Lord Howe Island with its unmistakeable silhouette.

Livistona chinensis

The Chinese fountain palm, with a large dense crown of tidy fans whose tips hang down in a spectacular weeping effect.