Exotic Palms

Dypsis Baronii

Clumping stems up to 125mm thick, lush foliage.

Hawaiian lo’ulu palm

Pritchardias A family of very attractive fan palms from Hawaii, surprisingly quite hardy in New Zealand, though best with some shelter.

Senegal Date Palm


A large-growing clumping palm whose stems when mature lean away from each other with very pleasing effect.

Dwarf Date – Potted specimens

Roebelini in big pots make very handsome specimens.

Triple-planted Kentia

The classic Kentia, multi-planted for big, graceful effect.

Ravenea glauca

Outstanding smaller palm with strong silvery tones.

Prestoea acuminata

Small colourful clumping palm from the South American rainforest.

Dypsis Decipiens

A truly memorable large palm from Madagascar.


Chambeyronia. Striking medium sized palm with bright red new fronds.